The revolutionary smart football connected to your phone

Measure, Improve, Share

PilaFoot is a topgrade football....only: this one talks to your smartphone!

The ground breaking PilaFoot has built-in 'motion detection sensors' , combined with bluetooth technology. PilaFoot registers every move you make with the ball and sends the results in real time to the PilaFoot app. The PilaFoot app is available for free at the Google Play Store (android) and the Apple Store. 
Track your performance live on the PilaFoot app, monitor your progress and share your topscores on social media.  

Share your results with friends & teammates!


No greater tool to improve your juggling ability than PilaFoot: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or freestyle. PilaFoot measures every touch you make and knows exactly when you dropped it.

Go for it, set a new personal best and share it with your friends and foes on social media!


Kicking is the essence of football, and PilaFoot the ultimate ball to refine & perfect your shooting technique. 

Practise that powerful shot at goal, train for that defense-splitting pass or learn how to bend it like Beckham !

PilaFoot measures the speed of your shot, power applied to the ball, as well as the curve & rotation of the ball. From now on there's no more excuses, you'll just have to shot it in that top corner!  


Tip-tap is not just only the ideal drill to refine your natural ball handling, it's also a great work-out. Tip the ball from inside right to inside left of your foot, as fast as you can. 
PilaFoot counts exactly how many touches you make in 30 or 60 seconds. 
1... 2... 3.... start ! Break your record! 

Pull Back

Pull Back is a test both for coordination and endurance! PilaFoot helps you to fine tune your technique and build up your stamina at the same time. PilaFoot gives you two options: touching the ball alternatively left foot - right foot while jumping, or pulling the ball back while running backwards. 
PilaFoot keeps track of every tap you make on the ball, in 30 seconds or 60 seconds. 
Proof your friends just what you can do and challenge them on facebook or on the field! 


The smart ball connected with your smartphone