Frequently Asked Questions

Read the manual carefully. 

Download the app on your smartphone: for Android in google app store, for iOs in Apple store. Login by registering. 

Connect the app with your ball by bouncing the ball 3 times on the floor. 

Note: each ball is charged before sending. It is however possible that the ball needs to be recharged, due to transport time. When the light on the charging pin indicates RED, it means the ball is fully charged. When the light on the charging pin indicates YELLOW/ORANGE, it means you need to continue to charge untill the light turns red.

The first time you use the ball, you will need to calibrate the ball. Follow the instructions in the app.

Plug the charging pin into the ball and connect the pin with the cable. Note: only use the charging hole. Do not put the charging pin into the inflating hole.
When the light on the charging pin is YELLOW/ORANGE, the ball is charging. When the light is RED, the ball is fully charged. Red light can also mean that the pin is not plugged in correctly, in that case please try to plug it differently.

After fully charging the ball, the PilaFoot can be used for about 7 hours. In the app, at the right top of the screen, you can see the status of the battery.

Yes. Just like any other normal quality foot ball, the ball will need to be inflated after a while.   

Careful!: USE THE INFLATE ONLY HOLE. Do not use the charging hole! 

Your PilaFoot is made of high quality football leather, see specifications on the 'Get your own PilaFoot' webpage. You can play with it on wet grass, but don't take it in your bathtub or swimming pool. 

As the sensors in your ball are connected to the app through bluetooth, you better keep your smartphone about maximum 3 meters  distance from the ball. However for the kicking skill, measurements are made during the first meters so you can kick as far as you want! 

The app connects automatically with the ball by bouncing the ball 3 times on the floor.

Yes you can. Go to profile in the app & name your ball.

Your ball will request a firmware upgrade if you use the ball for the first time. This is a simple procedure: just follow the instructions on the PilaFoot app.  It takes about 2 minutes.   Some (older) android phones might encounter a synchronization problem while connecting with bluetooth. Below are the steps you should take: 

If it does not seem to work after a few try outs, you will have to use another smartphone to go through this upgrade process. Afterwards you can just use the PilaFoot with your own smartphone, no worries!         

Step 1: Charge the ball during 15 seconds.           

Step 2: Connect the ball with another smartphone, (first install the PilaFoot app of course).

Step 3: Bounce the ball a few times until the ball is activated. The app will request to upgrade the firmware. Follow the instructions on the app. Once the upgrade is finished, you can use the ball with any smartphone, also with the one that had problems with the upgrade!

Sometimes it takes several attempts before the ball calibrates. Please be patient & keep on trying, the ball will eventually calibrate. Carefully follow the instructions on the app.

Charge the ball until the light on the charging pin indicates RED. 

Bounce the ball a few times on the floor. This activates your PilaFoot. 

Log out & close the app. Open the app & log on again.   

If the ball still doesn't react, you can RESET the ball: 
reset the PilaFoot by charging the ball 10 minutes. 

You can RESET the ball by charging the ball at least 10 minutes (and the light should be red as well).